Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, my name is Jamie, and I am a bad blogger!

I know, I don't have to say it. But here we go-lots of pics and some updates. Caleb and I have been having lots of fun with this great weather outside. We spend lots of time playing in the backyard and going for walks-it's soooo much better than the dreary days of winter. Caleb will bring me his shoes multiple times a day when we are at home so we can go out and play! We went to the zoo last week with his buddy Nathan and his mom Amy and they had a great time. They were both exhausted on the way home and fought sleep (I think Caleb was just intrigued by the fact that his friend was in the car right beside him! That was something new!)
Here they are checking out the zookeeper talk about the sea lions. Way cool. Look how much taller NateDawg is-and he's only two months older!

Checking out a sleeping cheetah!
Crazy monkey looking at some crazy monkeys! Those giraffes are tall!
And during Spring Break we went up to the Livestock Show for a few hours to see our friends the Kiefers, who were there with their school/students to show animals. We miss them a ton and it's good to see them (even if it's once a year). Caleb was sporting his sweet pearl snap and wranglers thanks to Uncle Blake and Aunt Kimberly!

Courtney and Brandon with Caleb-they have grown up so much! What sweet, sweet kids!
Me and my little rodeo cowboy!


gh said...

I'm gonna need this picture for sure, and all the other ones you just posted for that matter!

gj said...

oops...make that gj

Jacquie said...

What fun outings! I can't believe that is Brandon and Courtney! They have gotten so big!!!