Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Caleb's First Birthday!

I know I am late in posting this, but we have been gone the better part of the last two weeks, so this is my first opportunity to get pictures all situated and ready to post. Caleb's birthday was so great-the weather was awesome, almost our entire extended family was there, and Caleb was on his best party behavior (as usual). The theme was monkeys and they were everywhere! Caleb did a great job opening gifts-he sat with me for pretty much all of them-although he was mostly intrigued by the cards. Then on to the cake which he very much enjoyed, but he didn't demolish it like I thought he would, based on his other eating habits! It was a wonderful day and we are truly blessed by our amazing family and friends!! I had so much help the night before with decorating and cupcake making-and I was a little stressed-may have snapped at Janet a few times over the course of the weekend. But thanks for all of your help-Janet, Val, and Shirley! And of course Doug who got the house looking great!

Here are the favor bags we made with "Monkey Munch" inside-banana chips, cheerios, and chocolate chips. We hung sock monkeys in the palm trees too! Opening presents-he did such a good job! He was very interested in everything!
Here are the monkey cupcakes-we made a million of them! And they were quite delicious I must say!Rice Krispie Treat Monkey-this was a big hit! I guess as adults we don't eat these yummy treats that often, so everyone loved it! Aunt Val did the icing b/c I am pretty sure I was cursing the darn thing by that time of night. And Caleb's monkey cake. We did a small yellow cake and Janet and Val decided to make it a monkey face too. It was so cute!!Lovin' him some icing! He stopped and said, "mmmmm" after almost every bite!Here he is snuggling up to his number one girl Camryn in his leather recliner. "Say girl, we gotta stop meeting like this!"And here he was about two hours after the party. He was wiped out-we were an hour late to Camryn's party b/c he crashed and burned. What a wonderful day! Our little monkey is growing up so fast-his first year has been a blast! Ready for what life has in store for us!