Monday, February 1, 2010

A busy start to the year!

Normally, after football/hunting season is over, things slow down a little for our household. That is definitely NOT the case so far this year! Doug and I have decided to set some goals for ourselves and boy are they big ones!!! We are trying to do lots of things to better our lives, basically for the sheer fact that we can't serve others if our lives aren't where they need to be (at least that's how I feel). We have dedicated ourselves this past month to be more visible, more vocal, more alive with our church family. And I for one have never felt better-we are surrounded by a great group of people and I am enjoying finally getting to know them better.

Here is Caleb with Jenna-she says they have an extra special bond with their red hair-and Caleb just loves her! She is one of the sweet teens at our church and I swear she is a baby whisperer! Another thing we have done is join a gym. We have not been members since I quit working at the Y and we are super gung ho about it! We didn't start at the very beginning of January, so we aren't like all of the others who jumped on the bandwagon of "resolutions". We started late and slow, and we plan on sticking to it. So far, so good! I definitely notice a difference just in the way I feel. And we have been eating better too-go team!

Here is Caleb with some crazy hair after his bath. I have lots of funny naked pics of him running around the living room-and some video too. But Doug says that if Caleb wants to run for office one day I have to keep those under wraps! He is funny!
I hope you will continue to pray for my sweet friends, The Knights. They are still struggling with issues from Samuel's illness and now have learned that their daughter suffers from the same mitochondrial illness, although so far she has been less symptomatic. Please lift this family up in prayer so that God may take away some of their burdens. And take some time to bless someone in your life this week! Let your lights shine!