Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Caleb's First Birthday!

I know I am late in posting this, but we have been gone the better part of the last two weeks, so this is my first opportunity to get pictures all situated and ready to post. Caleb's birthday was so great-the weather was awesome, almost our entire extended family was there, and Caleb was on his best party behavior (as usual). The theme was monkeys and they were everywhere! Caleb did a great job opening gifts-he sat with me for pretty much all of them-although he was mostly intrigued by the cards. Then on to the cake which he very much enjoyed, but he didn't demolish it like I thought he would, based on his other eating habits! It was a wonderful day and we are truly blessed by our amazing family and friends!! I had so much help the night before with decorating and cupcake making-and I was a little stressed-may have snapped at Janet a few times over the course of the weekend. But thanks for all of your help-Janet, Val, and Shirley! And of course Doug who got the house looking great!

Here are the favor bags we made with "Monkey Munch" inside-banana chips, cheerios, and chocolate chips. We hung sock monkeys in the palm trees too! Opening presents-he did such a good job! He was very interested in everything!
Here are the monkey cupcakes-we made a million of them! And they were quite delicious I must say!Rice Krispie Treat Monkey-this was a big hit! I guess as adults we don't eat these yummy treats that often, so everyone loved it! Aunt Val did the icing b/c I am pretty sure I was cursing the darn thing by that time of night. And Caleb's monkey cake. We did a small yellow cake and Janet and Val decided to make it a monkey face too. It was so cute!!Lovin' him some icing! He stopped and said, "mmmmm" after almost every bite!Here he is snuggling up to his number one girl Camryn in his leather recliner. "Say girl, we gotta stop meeting like this!"And here he was about two hours after the party. He was wiped out-we were an hour late to Camryn's party b/c he crashed and burned. What a wonderful day! Our little monkey is growing up so fast-his first year has been a blast! Ready for what life has in store for us!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Monkey Man

I cannot believe that Caleb will be a year old in two days! It is so crazy to think that at this time last year we were nervous parents-to-be and now we have an awesome little man! I will post more after his birthday party this weekend, but I just wanted to reminisce a little on how proud we are of Caleb. He is so happy, and funny, and so very smart! He ceases to amaze us on a daily basis of the things he does. We both love him so much-and I know a few others who share the sentiment. He is awesome-God has blessed us immeasureably with him!

He went to another Aggie game and did fantastic as usual. We had lunch at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kay's before the game and he played with his fun cousins, Lauryn and Andrew. The Aggies won-so I think he is the good luck charm! He slept through the second quarter and then just sat in someone's lap the entire time just observing. If only we knew what was going through this boy's head!
We also went to the ranch last weekend for the opening of deer season. Caleb was wide open all over the house, so when he got still, it was lights out. Here he is napping with GJ.
He also sat in the deer stand for the first time and did great. There were a ton of cows near the feeder, which Doug was not happy about, but Caleb was talking and making so much noise he shooed the cows away and we finally saw some deer. He enjoyed reading about animals while waiting to see something.And Sunday when we were packing up to leave-he got some good snuggle time with Uncle John. He likes to be that high off of the ground!
And of course-I couldn't talk about Caleb without mentioning his sweet dance skills. Here he is busting a move to his favorite Garanimals commercial. He didn't quite get into it as much as usual, but I think he didn't want to perform for the camera-he was still in his jammies!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some funny pics and a great video for your weekend viewing!

His new favorite pose-I have no idea how this started, but if you say, "Oh no!" his hands go up on his head like something crazy just happened. What a goof! In the cockpit with Rocky the pilot-don't worry-we were on the ground!
Bananas are so yummy!!!

Driving the golf cart at the Foster's Children's Home Golf Tourney

Pucker up buttercup-I'm about to plant one on you!
And the funny video of the week:
Caleb has become quite the multi-tasker. Here he is walking and calling ducks at the same time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caleb's First Trip to the Zoo!

We went to the zoo last Friday when the weather was amazing! Caleb did awesome(of course) and he was very observant of everything. He pointed and laughed at a lot of the active animals and had a great day-we will definitely be going again with the g-mas!

He's already a pro...

Caleb is loving this new walking thing. He now will let go of the coffee table, or Doug's recliner and just walk out to the middle of the room! He has really gotten the hang of taking a few steps and then steadying himself before taking off again. Look out Charlie-he's coming for you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

First Word and First Steps!!!

Caleb decided last week he was going to say his first word! And I am excited-as a teacher and an avid reader-that it was BOOK! He is really funny now-he will go get one from the floor and say "book, book, buh-oo-k" Although the last few days it sounds like he's saying booger. Oh well-it is quite comical!

And last Saturday he decided to be extra brave and take some steps! We were so excited because all four of the grandparents (and Aunt Val) were there to witness the event. It was even more exciting since the Aggie game was proving to be pretty disappointing. We must have been too excited b/c I didn't take any video. But here are a few from Sunday afternoon-the are pretty short, I will try to record more soon. He is a big fan of taking two or three steps and then launching himself towards you.

He will be attending his first wedding this weekend, so coming soon will be pics of my little sharp dressed man. He will also be taking his first plane ride with Rocky as the pilot!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Story Time

Caleb and I have been going to the DP library on Wednesdays and Thursdays for their toddler story time. It is lead by a guy that works at the library and he is so good!! He plays his guitar at the beginning and everybody sings and then he alternates reading stories with singing songs. Last week he busted out instruments for the kiddos and Caleb thought that was awesome! So now we are hoping not only for a sports scholarship, but some musical abilities too!

Pumpkin Patch!!

We went to Pearland the other day to take Uncle Jason out to lunch for his birthday and on the way stopped at a local church to take pictures in their big pumpkin patch. It started raining on us after about 15 minutes, but here are some of the ones we snuck in. So cute!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Caleb's first Aggie Football Game!

Last weekend we got to take Caleb to the game with us and he did awesome! We went to campus early and took him to march in (which he loved) and he was a trooper through the whole game. It was a 6pm game, and we went to campus at about 3:30, so he was in it for the long haul. I have a video of him watching the band march in, but I will have to post it later because I have to figure out how to do it (from the real video camera). Caleb fell asleep right before halftime and then woke up in the middle of the third quarter to enjoy the end of the game. He watched everything and was very intrigued by what was going on! Here are a few pictures from our day.
Friday night yell practice at the Villa!
Outside the stadium before the game-one of the many cool things out in front to take pics withYes Mr. Bill Byrne-I have a ticket-thank you very much. Here it is!Watching the game with Uncle Jimmy-him and Uncle Chris got to go with us too!Before you know it...I'll be over there standing with the 12th Man! Look at all that maroon!I love this one-he looks like he's saying "CHEESE!"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!Snoozing through halftime...already saw the Fightin Texas Aggie Band before the game.My fave...intense and focused on the field. Get your game face on!Family pic before kickoffDuring the fourth quarter-in a trance!
I will post the video soon. I have another hilarious video, but for some reason the sound won't work on blogger. Check my facebook page!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Entertainment!

Caleb is now a dancing fool! Any time music comes on he bounces up and down no matter where he is and I crack up every time. He also likes to hold conversations with himself-I know this is the first of many!!!

He is going to his first Aggie game this Saturday! Cannot wait! I will post plenty of pics next week!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just a swingin!

Caleb and I have taken a few trips to the park and he is having a blast on the swings! Here are a few pictures from our outings! Yes, he is wearing a muscle shirt in some of the pics-it was hot outside!

Monday, August 31, 2009

A great end to an awesome summer!

Caleb and I spent a weekend in College Station with Aunt Val and GJ. We had such a good time, just lounging around, playing at the pool, and cooking some yummy food together. It was a nice relaxing weekend for all of us-right before V started back to school and after GJ had a stressful week of being sick with vertigo (I still say she was just messing with us and had a few too many beers for breakfast, but since I got to actually talk to the doctor, I guess I believe her!) Here are some pics from GJ's house and our fun weekend.
We also went down to Galveston for one last beach weekend before the madness of Aggie football weekends and hunting season begins. Jess, Kevin, and Camryn came down for Saturday and the kiddos had fun in the sand and waves! They also did a good job of passing the baseball back and forth! They were very funny to watch together! They both were wiped out afterwards and fell asleep on the drive to dinner at Shrimp and Stuff-yummm!

Aggie football kicks off in 3 days...you will see lots more maroon on here soon!