Monday, August 31, 2009

A great end to an awesome summer!

Caleb and I spent a weekend in College Station with Aunt Val and GJ. We had such a good time, just lounging around, playing at the pool, and cooking some yummy food together. It was a nice relaxing weekend for all of us-right before V started back to school and after GJ had a stressful week of being sick with vertigo (I still say she was just messing with us and had a few too many beers for breakfast, but since I got to actually talk to the doctor, I guess I believe her!) Here are some pics from GJ's house and our fun weekend.
We also went down to Galveston for one last beach weekend before the madness of Aggie football weekends and hunting season begins. Jess, Kevin, and Camryn came down for Saturday and the kiddos had fun in the sand and waves! They also did a good job of passing the baseball back and forth! They were very funny to watch together! They both were wiped out afterwards and fell asleep on the drive to dinner at Shrimp and Stuff-yummm!

Aggie football kicks off in 3 will see lots more maroon on here soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Videos

Here are some videos of the crazy dude. The first one is him laughing at Doug using his duck call-he thinks it's hilarious! And then he is dancing with a new toy-sorry for the shaking at the end-I was laughing too hard and had to stop recording!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Galveston-August 2009

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I decided to just make a little slideshow for this because I loved all of the pictures. As you can see, Caleb really loves the water! He had a great time playing in the sand and surf!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun for Friday

Here are just a few fun pictures for the weekend! Caleb took his first trip to the beach last weekend, but I took a few thousand pictures, so I will sort through them and put the best up next week. He is crawling all over the place, pulling up on everything, getting his second tooth, and wanting ALL eyes on him-he loves to be the center of attention. My mom informs me he is starting to act a little bit like me! OOPS!

Here is Caleb and his friend Jacob. We went to lunch with him last week and Caleb thinks he is SO FUNNY! Hey dude...what's up! Did you realize that we are having lunch with a bunch of girls? Alright!!Loving the bath! He loves to splash like crazy and always has to have his mouth wide open-doesn't even care if he gets his face all wet!Nap time with Daddy...they are great snugglers!