Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Month In Review...

I have now been back at work for a month! We all survived the first month, and got into a pretty good routine. Caleb is doing great at cousin Kim's and Doug and I are both enjoying our time with C-man in the evenings (although it's not nearly enough!) and on the weekends. But of course as soon as you get into a good routine, something changes! Caleb has been congested for about a week and a half, and I have it now too-just in time for Spring Break! He isn't sleeping too well because the poor guy just can't breathe well, so it's been a rough few nights, but we are making it. If the weather would just make up it's Texas mind and get up to 90 and stay that way until November, we would be ok!

The first weekend in March we made an overnight trip to College Station for an Aggie Basketball game. It was Caleb's first, and he did awesome. Thanks to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kay, we got to sit down close to the floor behind the Aggie bench. Caleb stood on my lap and watched the game with great intrigue. Every once in a while when we would score and the crowd went wild, he would get startled and jump-but no crying! He was a champ.

Here is a picture of the three of us during a timeout...unfortunately the skinny dance team girls are behind us and not the team, but just keep your focus on how cute we are please and not the 20 butts in the background!

Here he is in his cool Aggie outfit that he got from his Papa Jim. He was sporting it proud at the game! Lots of compliments and staring when he and Doug were walking through the stadium!

Hanging out in the morning with Uncle Blake. He was eyeing the coffee-I'm sure lots of drool was involved!

This is by far one of my favorite pictures. I walked into our room one Saturday morning after showering and eating breakfast and this is what I found. Doug wasn't happy that he had to be awakened with a flash, but they were sleeping so cute!

Our good friend Tommy and his fiance Kristy just had a little girl, Kinley, on March 2nd. Here are the proud papas and their kids! We're all grown up! She was the exact same weight and height as Caleb when he was born and he looked so giant next to her-he has grown so much in the past 4 months! I don't even remember him being that small!

GJ took this picture one Saturday when she came over to visit. We took her for some yummy pizza at Antonio's to celebrate her birthday. Such a happy dude!

Here he is at GJ's for our annual St. Patty's Day celebration and feast. His girlfriend Camryn is wondering why he would want to sleep through such a rockin' party!?! The following two nights would be the "rough nights" I referred to earlier where he didn't sleep much at all! So this picture is somewhat mocking for us...
"Dude-wake up and check out the shamrock on my headband...I'm wearing it for you and you don't even care! Typical..."

And what would an update be without some naked baby pics. He is loving being able to play with his feet all of a sudden. Here he is this morning-happy that it's St. Patrick's Day! Little did he know we were taking him to the doctor for his four month shots. He did awesome once again and measured in at 14.5 lbs and 24.5 inches. Doug told him he needed to start getting taller to catch up with the weight gain or he would be super chubs!

And here are some more giggles...I love it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Time for Prayer

This morning I have to write with a heavy heart. Yesterday afternoon, our sweet friend Brad Wims lost his battle with cancer. While I was deeply saddened after hearing this news, I also felt an overwhelming sense of peace-more than I ever have when having to hear that someone died. I guess it was because for the past few years, Brad and Jenny have been an incredible inspiration to everyone around them because of their unwaivering faith in God. They have taught Doug and I to become better Christians just from hearing their daily struggles and stories. Not once did they complain or show anger towards God. Brad showed a true example of how to walk by faith, even when he couldn't see what God had in store for him. His body may have failed him, but his spirit was stronger than just about anyone I know. They fully relied on God to get them through whatever was put in front of them, and because of them I feel restored. Take this time to praise God for ALL of the blessings he has given to you. Don't take this life for granted-we are all guilty of it. I ask you to stop what you are doing after you read this and pray for the Wims family. Brad-as he has finally made it home to his Lord and Savior and to reunite with his brother. Jenny-so that her faith may remain strong and she can continue to rely on God to help her make it through this trying time. Zeke and Kaelyn-that they may remember what an amazing father God blessed them with during his short time here on earth. And for the rest of the Wims/Crotts/Hanna/Bosse families-that they may also find peace in the fact that their Brad is comfortable again and watching over all of us from heaven.