Friday, February 27, 2009

Gettin' Fresh with the ladies...

Here is Caleb and his #1 chick Camryn on their date two weekends ago.

"Say girl...let me rub that dome. You are bald like me!"

We went to Kevin, Jess, and Camryn's house for dinner and C-man and CC decided that they would take their relationship to the next level and hold hands. We thought it was a little too quiet as we sat down to eat and they were on the play mat together in the living room. Here's what we found when we went to investigate...HILARIOUS!

Caleb also got to sneak in a great nap with his Uncle Jimmy that afternoon before the dinner date. Here they are snuggled up...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pump up the volume!

Hopefully this will brighten your morning and make you laugh! It works wonders when you are having a rough day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where Oh Where Has our baby boy gone?

We cannot believe our little dude is already three months old! The time really does go by way too fast and he is getting so big! I am really bummed out that I am back at work because now our time is so limited together! A couple hours in the evenings isn't enough C-man time for me! But he is doing great at cousin Kim's during the day. He had a great first week over there-complete with a little diaper accident that involved a wardrobe change! We told Kim that we are giving him pep talks to get all of his dirty diapers out while he is at her house so we don't have to change them except on the weekends-so far it's working out great!

I don't have a whole lot of pictures this time-didn't take any this week since I was gone all day, but here are a few from the last couple of weeks!

Here he is on his 3 month birthday. GJ came over to hang out with Caleb while Doug and I went to Pappasito's for a date. It was a great dinner with just the two of us-although it's always good as three too! Working on some tummy time on his surfboard. Sportin' a sweet sweater vest and some cords for church.

And my favorite...I took a couple of pictures while he was asleep one morning to show everyone how he likes to chill-arms up behind his head. He just happened to smile in his sleep for this one!
I will post again soon...I promise not to wait so long next time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Party Animal!!

So once again time got away from me and now there is so much to share! We had a nice relaxing weekend at home 2 weeks ago and then had a weekend full of partying this past weekend. So I have a ton of pictures...I'll tell about them as I go because it's all very random!

Here is Caleb and Doug talking about their day. Doug likes to come home from work and ask Caleb what he did that day and he is always ready to share. Then they wind down at night watching a little SportsCenter and college basketball.
Here are some fun videos! Doug put Caleb's Mickey Mouse friend in the swing with him and they proceeded to have a serious staring contest. I think Caleb won since Mickey fell over eventually. And Caleb loves his play mat-here's some funny dialogue...he gets to where he's not sure if he's excited or angry, so he just switches back and forth between emotions.

This past Saturday, we went to cousin Mary Lynn and Ted's for Matthew's first birthday celebration. Here he is up to his elbows in some cake...he was loving every minute of it!
And here is the party animal himself...he cannot wait to get some of that cake action. Although he looks like he enjoys it already...look at that big boy!After the party, he came home and talked with GJ in the mirror. Sunday evening we went to a Super Bowl party with our friends from church.
Here is Caleb and his buddy Nathan. They are both big time fist eaters, so here is Nathan checking out Caleb's hand.
"Hey dude, does your fist taste as good as mine?" "I think I'll just go ahead and have a taste to see for myself! YUM!"And here are the Three Amigos, otherwise affectionately named by our friend Jamie M. as Taco, Nacho, and Burrito. Caleb, Ethan, and Nathan are becoming fast friends. Ethan is ready for summer so Caleb and Nathan can get some tan on their pasty bodies!
"Where's my shades? You guys are blinding me!"

And here are my two favorite pictures of the week-just hanging out at home. As I said before, Caleb is becoming a pro at eating the fists. Here he is getting SO MAD because he just can't quite eat the baseball rattle as well as his hands. DANGIT! Stupid baseball!
And here he is sporting some camo...and that awesome smile! He is so funny!

This week, I will be taking Caleb to cousin Kim's for a few hours a day to get used to being over there before I go back to work in two weeks. :( Wish me luck-I'm dreading it already!