Friday, June 26, 2009

Rollin on the River

Last weekend we took the annual family trip to New Braunfels. This is such a special trip for Doug, because it is a trip he has been taking since he was born! And Shirley has been going since she was 5, so it's a long standing tradition. Doug has many fond memories that he shares after many years of taking this trip. I love it too because my family always went to Lake McQueeny/Schlitterbahn/Guadalupe with family friends growing up and I think about those times often! It's where I learned to water ski! This year was extra special because it was Caleb's first trip to the river! He did so great and he was exhausted every night after the all day parties! Except for the first night...he was hilarious lying in bed just babbling for at least an hour. Doug and I were cracking up-Doug said he was just telling us about all of the fun he had on his first day there! We ate at all of our favorite spots-Clear Springs, Pat's, Gristmill, and of course Naegelin's for bear claws!

Family photo in front of our the Comal!The water was too cold for C-man this year, but he got in with Doug for a photo op. Next year!!
Uncle Blake, you funny! You make me laugh!Here he is on one of our morning walks. We were usually up by 7, so we would cruise down to the river for a stroll before everyone else would wake up. Yes, he had his Aggie football with him!

Fun in the pool. Wow-I really need a tan!
After a long day of playing, he couldn't make it to dinner-slept through Pat's.
We are very excited about upcoming trips with Caleb! More memories in the making!

Summer Fun!

Here is Caleb hanging out with Z and KK Wims...we went over there one evening to hang out with them while Jenny taught a class. Look how tan they are compared to my Casper the friendly ghost! We had a good time and Caleb had fun watching them play. Look at the fish I caught! Actually Doug and Uncle Tony caught them, but I'll take all the credit!
He is loving the water. We bought a pool for the backyard and he loves to splash around in the evenings. Plus it wears him out before bedtime, which is a plus!

Hello!!! It is so hot outside! Lots of shirtless Caleb pictures to come!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Learning new things

I am really excited to be home for the summer! It seems like Caleb is doing something new every day and I am loving being able to witness all of these new tricks. He is babbling up a storm right now...bu, bu, bu, ma, ma, ma, da, da, da. It is hilarious to watch him get so excited about having such a voice. He is also becoming more and more active, bouncing around, and even scooting backwards on his belly. His newest thing these past couple of weeks has been clapping. He gets so excited and claps, then does something else, and remembers he can clap so he claps some more. Sometimes he gets frustrated and starts in on a *fake* cry and then starts clapping while he cries. He is so crazy!

Baytown Family Fun

We went to a graduation party a couple of weeks ago for our sweet friend Jessica H. It seems absolutely crazy that she is going off to college already, but nevertheless, I had some fun stories of my college days to share with her. (Don't worry-they were appropriate!) We laughed and had a great time with everyone and ate some yummy food and cake. Caleb and Doug were matching in some cool summer gear, and Caleb was ready to ride off into the sunset on Uncle Terry's hog. He also had fun watching the boys play washers with Uncle Ray. On Sunday, we went to church with Rocky and Nena, because Rocky was chosen to be one of the new elders at their church. We were so happy for him, Uncle Harold, and Mr. Bill-these three men embody what it means to be leaders in a church and I feel like it's just what their church needs to help lift up their congregation. Afterwards they had a potluck lunch (yes, more good food) and we hung out with the fam and Brian, Lisa, and crew. At one point, Lisa pointed out a great photo op-the grandpas doing their "baby whisperer" thing! Caleb and Macie were out cold with all the excitement going on around them. It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial Day-Caleb's first swim!

We took GJ over to Rocky and Nena's for a Memorial Day BBQ and Caleb enjoyed his first time in the pool. He loves to take baths-so we figured he would enjoy this. Their pool has a big shelf on one side, so he sat there forever splashing the water-he thought he was in a giant bathtub! There are a lot of pictures, so beware!

Please Lord-let this first swimming experience be fun, with lots of splashing and maybe a fun boat ride if possible. Oh yeah-and please don't let my pasty white skin get too sunburned. AMEN!Daddy-you can let go-I got this!Uhhh-I think I'm done....

Random Thoughts

So this year was my first official Mother's Day (except for last year when Caleb was in the belly). It was a great weekend-we went to eat at Monument Inn with Rocky, Nena, Uncle Blake, and Aunt Kim on Saturday and on Sunday we picked up lunch after church and came home for a 2-hour nap! So awesome! But I have to brag on Doug-he helped make the day extra special. In the picure below, Caleb is holding his gift to me, which was made by Doug (with a little help from Nena). It was the sweetest thing ever-a frame with Caleb's hand and footprints and a fun picture of the two of us. I couldn't have asked for anything better-other than my two boys and a great weekend. Here is Caleb showcasing his gift! We also passed Caleb's half birthday, where we started solid foods! Here is his first meal of carrots-which he took down like a champ. So far we think his favorites are green beans and either peaches or bananas. But let's be honest here...our Tank doesn't turn any meal away so far!

And here he is with our friends' daughter Kylie. We took a fun trip to College Station for the weekend-Doug and Steven played golf, while Sherry and the girls and Caleb and I enjoyed time at the pool and the grill. We had a great dinner at Mi Cocina and also helped our friends Travis and Hillarie celebrate their wedding! Such fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daddy is so funny!!!

It's a little dark, but too funny anyway. Caleb thought it was hilarious when Doug pulled the pillow over him and made a crazy noise. I wish I were that easily amused!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun pictures of our happy little dude!

Learning my animal sounds...

More fun in College Station

We went to CS over spring break and while we were there we went to dinner with Mary, Wray, Lauryn and Andrew. Caleb had a lot of fun with the kiddos and got lots of laughs!

Doug snapped this one after a long day of play!