Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Monkey Man

I cannot believe that Caleb will be a year old in two days! It is so crazy to think that at this time last year we were nervous parents-to-be and now we have an awesome little man! I will post more after his birthday party this weekend, but I just wanted to reminisce a little on how proud we are of Caleb. He is so happy, and funny, and so very smart! He ceases to amaze us on a daily basis of the things he does. We both love him so much-and I know a few others who share the sentiment. He is awesome-God has blessed us immeasureably with him!

He went to another Aggie game and did fantastic as usual. We had lunch at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kay's before the game and he played with his fun cousins, Lauryn and Andrew. The Aggies won-so I think he is the good luck charm! He slept through the second quarter and then just sat in someone's lap the entire time just observing. If only we knew what was going through this boy's head!
We also went to the ranch last weekend for the opening of deer season. Caleb was wide open all over the house, so when he got still, it was lights out. Here he is napping with GJ.
He also sat in the deer stand for the first time and did great. There were a ton of cows near the feeder, which Doug was not happy about, but Caleb was talking and making so much noise he shooed the cows away and we finally saw some deer. He enjoyed reading about animals while waiting to see something.And Sunday when we were packing up to leave-he got some good snuggle time with Uncle John. He likes to be that high off of the ground!
And of course-I couldn't talk about Caleb without mentioning his sweet dance skills. Here he is busting a move to his favorite Garanimals commercial. He didn't quite get into it as much as usual, but I think he didn't want to perform for the camera-he was still in his jammies!