Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Haircut and Easter Fun!

Caleb had a whirlwind of an Easter this year! I think by the end of Easter Sunday, he had hunted eggs at five different places! He was exhausted! First, we went to our Thursday storytime at the DP Library and they had a fun hunt in the middle of all of the books in the library. It was really cute. They gave each child a bunny basket that they made and all of the eggs had stickers in them. When they were done, you could take the stickers out and give them back the empty eggs in exchange for eggs with candy! What a smart idea.
Rocky and Nena brought him a basket full of goodies on Thursday night, including some cool bubbles that he and his buddy Nathan enjoyed so much!
Then Friday night-he spent the night with GJ and Uncle Jimmy where he got a giant bucket with wheels to use for his egg gathering. I heard he spent the entire evening filling and dumping out that bucket with eggs, toys, whatever he could find. Aunt Donna and Val were there and Gma and Gpa Dot and Tommy. He also got a bunch of eggs from Mrs. Alvarez with $25 in them! Woohoo!
Saturday we had a Spring Fling at our church. Caleb seemed to be more interested in the playground on the other side of the field than more eggs, but he did get a few in the basket. Every once in a while he would get one in each hand and then say, "throw" and let them fly-he would call the egg "ball" so why not chunk 'em across the grass?
He also got to take a picture with the Easter Bunny-he just kept looking at it and then looking at us like, "ummmm-what is going on with this giant bunny?" It was lots of fun!Sunday morning when he woke up, he had more eggs in our living room, so he spent lots of time finding those and opening every single one and wanted to eat the candy...Here is Mr. CrankyPants when we made him stop after about a million pieces of chocolate! After church, we went over to the Prothro's house for some yummy lunch and another egg hunt of course! Here are a couple of pictures of our church clothes!By this hunt, Caleb was getting the hang of it...it was only number five! He would actually carry his basket to the egg, put it in the basket, and go on for more...Until he realized he had a bunch and decided to dump them out to make room for more. He showed off his trampoline skills for GJ, Grandpa Jim, and Unca Jimmy later that evening and then he was down for the count that night. We had so much fun with family and friends-it was so great to watch Caleb in all of his excitement.

He also finally got his hair cut for the first time. No more curls! Seriously though it was starting to look like a sweet mullet. My sweet friend Catherine cut it for him and he did a great job-now he really looks like a big boy!
Best part was the sucker she gave him afterwards-he loved it!


Bobbie said...

That's a lot of Easter for a little boy! Such sweet memories!

Leigh7880 said...

Ha ha! I love the crabby shot - it looks like one of those meltdowns that unfolds in super slow motion. CUTE!