Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Time

We had another busy, yet oh so blessed Christmas this year. Caleb went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops in Pearland and he was very intrigued by the bearded man. They gave us three pictures b/c he was smiling at us in the first one and then Santa told the photographer to take one with him looking up at him. It was too cute. They have an amazing set-up in the store, complete with giant reindeer and activities for kids! We will definitely go back next year!We went to Cracker Barrell for the annual Christmas Eve morning breakfast (which turned out to be sort of a disaster, but I complained online and got a free meal for two so yippee!). Then it was back home for gift exchange/lunch with Mom, Dad, Uncles Jimmy and Jason. More eating-which I of course did-and it was delish! GJ went all out with some really cute stuff for Caleb and he had a blast opening and then walking around the room to show everyone his gifts. He loves books and anything he can throw! He took breaks to snuggle every once in a while too.After a quick nap, off to Bo and Shirley's for family/cousins gathering and gift exchange. Oh, and more food of course. And yes, we ate AGAIN! Couldn't pass it up-good stuff again. Caleb changed into his jammies and had to take a water break after opening up some awesome stuff from Rocky and Nena, and Uncle Blake and Aunt Kim! What a great day!Christmas morning! Santa brought Caleb a four-wheeler, some blocks, and a few other fun things. He was pretty funny on the four-wheeler!Saturday after Christmas-showing off his ride to Rocky and Nena in the back yard.
Where did he go? (This is his number one favorite thing to do when someone leaves the room-it is hilarious!)
He was a little hesitant on the gas, but he is getting the hang of it!

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